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These conditions of use apply to the web site and respective sub-directories.
The use of this site is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions established below.


This site (but not any web sites linked to it) is the property of ELETTROPLASTICA S.p.A., Via Del Commercio n°1, 25039 Travagliato (BS) ITALY, VAT No. IT03384740175, Tel +39 030 25 83 990.
ELETTROPLASTICA reserves the right to make changes and corrections to the site at its own discretion without prior notice.


Although the utmost care is taken over the publication of this site and its contents, ELETTROPLASTICA accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or state of updating of the data and information appearing in this site or sites linked to it. ELETTROPLASTICA therefore accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions deriving from the use of data and information contained herein. As such, users taking decisions on the basis of the information contained in this site are have sole responsibility for those decisions. Users are therefore required to verify personally the accuracy of the information contained in this site on a time-by-time basis.


The contents, works and materials published or appearing on this site –  including, by way of example but not exhaustively, the trademarks, logos, pictures, photographs, texts and documents in general reproduced herein, and the application software and codes used for the implementation of the site – are the exclusive property of ELETTOPLASTICA or EP GROUP companies, or are used under licence/authorisation from the respective owner.
Users are entitled to access the above contents only insofar as doing so is necessary for the correct use of the site. ELETTROPLASTICA reserves all rights, including the right of reproduction.
Any other use of the aforementioned material, for commercial or other purposes, is forbidden without the prior consent of ELETTROPLASTICA.


The links included on this site may direct users to web pages of third parties (such as, for example) present on sites other than this one deemed to be of interest to users.
Users recognise and acknowledge that ELETTROPLASTICA has no control over the content of such sites, and as a mere third party, has no responsibility whatsoever for the content and/or material, whether of an advertising nature or otherwise, present on such sites or external resources or for the products or services offered therein.
The creation of specific links that redirect users to a page within the site without passing through the Home Page (“deep linking”), and automatic links (“inline linking”) that enable users to view content originating from and/or present on the site automatically in a specific space is forbidden.
The creation of links ("Framing" or “iFraming”) that cause a page from the site and/or a part thereof to appear on a specific page owned by a third party, while at the same time making the content of the page in question appear within a frame created specifically for the purpose, rather than in an independent window of the browser is also forbidden.


The user undertakes not to use the site for the purpose of performing any act that is against the law or otherwise offensive or injurious, or in breach of the rights of third parties, or that prevents other users from making optimum use of the site.


With regard to the processing of users’ personal data, please refer to the following link:

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